Spring Dog Bathing Tips

Dog Bathing

or “Hey Mom. Why is the Bathroom Flooded?”

You have decided the time has come. You may do this only once-in-a-while, but it is that time of year again. It is the month, day or week, to give your dog a bath. You know how to do it. You have entered into this battle before. You have the scars to show for it. They fade with age, and you are now better at tackling the momentous task of washing the dog than you have been in the past. Some things really do get easier. It does not mean, however, you have to like doing them.

No matter how you look at, you should give your dog a regular bath. How often you do so will depend upon the dog’s temperament, the dog’s coat, your tolerance and your ability to undertake the task. While some dogs do love the experience, many do not. Some dog grooming needs to be left to the experts. Alternatively, you can take your pooch to a dog grooming salon like Petacular. It then becomes their problem.

Generally, you can handle the basic bath on your own. It does require you heed some rules and follow certain guidelines. This will ensure your dog suffers no harm. It will also help you keep your dog’s coat clean, shiny and flowing along the grain.

• Rule 1 is simple. Only use shampoo and conditioner created for dogs. Human hair products are not suitable for your dog. They may cause skin irritation and rashes on sensitive dogs.

Also consider using an environmentally friendly pet shampoo that naturally bio-degrades in the environment. The Petacular pet grooming salon uses Earthbath biodegradable pet shampoo and is it also available in the store.In addition to being environmentally friendly, it is an excellent shampoo in a variety of great smelling formulas. 

Make sure you have everything within easy reach. This is particularly important if you have an antsy dog.

• Always test the water before you use it on your dog. Check the temperature on the inside of your arm.

• Soak your animal thoroughly. Do it bit by bit. Start at the legs and underbelly before you move to the sides, front, behind and tail. When you do the head, avoid the eyes and ears. Use a wet face cloth being careful not to get any water into either the eyes or ears. Cover them with your hands.

Ready the pet shampoo. Be sure you understand and follow the directions. Once the dog is wet, apply the right amount of shampoo evenly over the body. Avoid the eyes, ears, mouth and any sensitive areas. If you have a pop-eyed or bug-eyed dog e.g. a pug, be extremely careful.

• Rinse your animal thoroughly. Be sure you remove all the pet shampoo This will help prevent instances of skin irritation. Rinse twice if possible.

• Some shampoos require a repeat. Some companies suggest you use a conditioner. There are also rinses for shine, highlights and other dog products. Whether you decide to do so is up to you and your animal. While it is common for many show dogs to be shampooed conditioned and rinsed this may not sit well with some pets.

Let’s face it. Many dogs and people are content with a simple bath. Some dogs hate the entire process. Some humans have enough trouble summoning up the tough love, stamina and cunning they may need for a single shampoo. For them, dog and human, a bath is a torture comparable to the exquisite pain of the Spanish Inquisition.  

You can dry your dog’s coat in a number of ways. Towel drying is common. Squeeze out the excess water and be sure to rub the towel in the direction of the lie of the coat. Make it a vigorous rub if your dog has a short-to-medium coat. Be less brisk if the coat is long. You need to be careful to avoid tangles and split ends.

• Air-drying is another possibility. Let the dog go and hope for the best.

• If your dog likes the attention and you know how to work to maintain a pleasant temperature, use a blow dryer. Do not try if your dog loves to attack forms of machinery. Some dogs who hate vacuum cleaners have no problem in going for a hand-held hair dryer.

Bathing your adorable dog can be trouble. It can also be fun. It is also a necessity. No matter how much you hate it, sooner-or-later, you are going to have to give him, or her, a bath. If it is a problem at home, try a doggy wash, or can also pass the problem on to an innocent, but experienced dog salon like Petacular.