Anti-Diarrhea for Dogs & Cats



Anti-Diarrhea for Dogs & Cats - is a pleasant tasting liquid for use as an aid in the treatment of non-infectious diarrhea. Kaolin is an anti-diarrhea additive for the absorption of toxins. Pectin helps relieve simple diarrhea and gastroenteritis in dogs and cats. Made by NaturVet.

Active Ingredients - per 2 tablespoons


5.8 grams


0.26 grams


Inactive Ingredients:

Citric Acid, FD & C  Red 40, Flavoring, Glycerine, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Carboxymethyl-cellulose, Sorbic Acid, Sorbitol, Stevia and Water.


0-5 lbs

1 teaspoon every 4 hours

6-15 lbs

2 teaspoons every 4 hours

16-30 lbs

1 tablespoon ever 4 hours

over 30 lbs

2 tablespoons every 4 hours

Note: There should be a noticeable improvement within 2-3 days.


Packaging: 8 ounces

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