Earth Rated PoopBags



Earth Rated PoopBags  - Eco-Friendly dog poop bags that are affordable and high quality. PoopBags were created to help care for the environment and to make picking up dog poop a little more fun - all while keeping your pocketbook happy.

All PoopBags are extra strong, degrade completely, and are packaged in recycled paper. Even the core of the bag rolls are made from recycled paper.

Choose from: PoopBags on Rolls; PoopBags with Handles; PoopBags for the Composter; or a PoopGab Green Dispenser. All options are about half the price, or less, of other eco-friendly waste bags.  Have a look at the selection of PoopBags to see what all the hype is about!

120 lavender scented  OR  unscented sturdy bags on rolls

The industry leader in terms of quality, strength, and affordability. Bigger, thicker, tougher and, for those days when Buddy is dragging his butt, totally leak-proof.  Earth Rated hasn't left out even the smallest  of details as even the rolls' core and the packaging is made from recycled content!

These eco-friendly bags degrade in as little as 24 months!  Lavender scented! Extra long 9 x 13 inches.

120 lavender scented & sturdy bags with handles

Based on customer feedback, Earth Rated created a bag that has all the same features and quality of the original roll of bags – but with the added convenience of handles. These bags do not come on rolls.

These eco-friendly bags degrade in as little as 24 months. Lavender scented!  Extra long 7 x 13.5 inches.

The famous Green Dispenser with roll included

The cutest green dispenser on the market is available at the most affordable price, without compromising quality. The Earth Rated green dispenser is perfect for the bags on a roll and can be fitted to other standard rolls if necessary. 

60 unscented compostable bags on rolls

For diehard eco-friendly dog lovers, the compostable bags are ideal for protecting the environment - they degrade in as little as 40 days. Made from corn-based renewable resources, you'll want to use these for more than just picking up poop!

These eco-friendly bags degrade in as little as 40 days. Unscented. Extra long 9.5 x 13.5 inches.


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