Waste Manager - Dog Waste Disposal System

Four Paws


Waste Manager - Dog Waste Disposal System - The all-plastic Waste Manager disposal system works like a miniature septic tank, utilizing enzyme and bacteria action to automatically reduce pet waste to a ground absorbing liquid. It's neat, fast, clean, sanitary, convenient, inconspicuous, odorless and insect free. Best of all it ends the annoying nuisance of burying stool or other means of disposal. Harmless to pets, lawns and shrubbery.

  • Large Capacity - manages waste for up to 2 dogs

  • Clean - acts like a mini septic system

  • Convenient - quick easy way to remove dog waste from yard

  • Sanitary - protects family from harmful bacteria

  • Heavy Duty - Reinforced durable plastic lid & walls built for long lasting outdoor use

  • Installs In-Ground - Easy assembly - installs in-ground in a 8" wide by 24" to 36" hole (instructions included)

  • Patented Lid Design - bowl-shaped lid catches water which speeds the breakdown of dog waste

  • Enzymes - uses enzyme tablets or powder - one month supply included

Natural enzyme tablets help speed-up the breakdown of dog waste. Also uses enzyme powder such as the Super Dooley Digester. Non-toxic to humans and pets. One month supply included.

Additional Natural Clean-Up Tablets are available with 24  three gram tablets per bottle which is a 3 to 6 month supply depending on the volume of waste.

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