Agility Tunnel



Agility Tunnel - Light-weight, easy to assemble dog agility starter equipment. Young dogs love learning the tunnel. The tunnel is 16 feet long an has a 24 inch diameter. It is a closed tunnel, sometimes called a collapsed tunnel or chute tunnel. The first part is a ridge tunnel with a cylindrical chute of fabric securely attached to the ridged part of the tunnel. The dog learns to run thru the tunnel and push thru the fabric to the end. Comes with 4 staple pegs and 4 L shaped pegs to secure the tunnel to the ground. Made with heavy-duty nylon Comes with convenient carrying bag for easily storage. 

closed chute

  • Light-weight and Easy to assemble

  • 16 feet long with a 24" diameter

  • One end is collapsed (also called a closed or chute tunner)

  • Made of durable heavy-duty nylon fabric

  • Carrying bag included

  • Comes with 4 staple pegs and 4 L shaped pegs

  • Training Level: Beginner

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