Cat Dancer

Cat Dancer


Cat Dancer Action Cat Toys -available in three models these spring steel wire play toys create an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for cat lovers. Cat Dancer toys will enable you to enter your cat's world of speed and agility, and share in it's playfulness and spirit of the hunt.

Original Cat Dancer - (shown above) - spring steel wire with rolled cardboard strips at one end. Use as a wand to play with your cat. Just lead and they will chase, leap and run in circles.

Cat Dancer Compleat - (shown left) - an original Cat Dancer with a soft paw-shaped adhesive wall-mount. Stick in on a window, door or wall. When you are away, the cat can still play!

Cat Dancer Loaded - spring steel wire with a plastic mouse loaded with catnip at one end. The mouse is infused with 100% catnip oil in the molding process and the plastic will give off the scent of catnip for up to four months.

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