Doggie Dooley Super Waste Digester Enzymes

Doggie Dooley


Doggie Dooley Super Waste Digester Enzymes - a tough blend of digesting enzymes designed for the Doggie Dooley Waste Management System. Dooley Super Digester Enzymes can also be used in other pet waste systems such as the Waste Manager


  • Specifically formulated to break down pet waste

  • Environmentally sound

  • Harmless to lawns, pets, shrubs, and trees

  • Non-Toxic to humans, animals, and plants


Can be used with either the Waste Manager or Doggie Dooley waste systems. Just add water and Doggie Dooley Super Digester Powder puts the power of harmless bacteria and enzymes to work breaking down dog waste into liquefied stools that leach into the soil.

Package Sizes:

Available in 1, 3 or 5 lb sizes.  The 1 lb size lasts for about 6 months depending on the volume.

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