GripSoft Grooming Combs



GripSoft Grooming Combs - feature a range of teeth sizes for various uses or coats. GripSoft combs are specially designed with the teeth turned 90 degrees away from the skin to keep the teeth parallel to the skin while combing. This prevents "raking" the skin while combing and is more comfortable for your pet. The non-slip ergonomically built handle is designed to be more comfortable on the hand making grooming a more pleasurable experience for you.

Size: 10.8" X 4" X 0.8"


Flea Comb -  a comfortable ergonomically designed comb with metal teeth placed tightly together to pick up fleas in even the most dense coats.

Fine Comb - can be used on all breeds with fine textured coats to remove tangles and break up mats. The Fine Comb is also handy for long haired breeds to brush the feathers on the legs and to keep the tail silky and tangle free.

Medium Comb - can be used on breeds of all types to remove tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt.

Coarse Comb - can be used on breeds with medium to long hair that is curly, flat or wiry to remove tangles and mats.

Shedding Comb -  has metal teeth in two different lengths specially designed to lift shedding hair from the undercoat and to loosen lightly matted portions of fur.

Double Sided Comb - features a Coarse Comb on one side to loosen dense matted fur and a Fine Comb on the other side to comb through hair to give a shiny silky tangle free finished coat.


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