Lifetime Chicken & Oatmeal Large Breed Formula



Lifetime Chicken & Oatmeal Large Breed Formula Dog Food is formulated for your Large Breeds dog (greater than 50 lb) to provide a carefully balanced nutrients required for your large breed dog from puppy to adult, using quality ingredients with NO Corn, Wheat, Soy or By-Products.

  • Single meat protein - Canadian Chicken meal is a naturally preserved concentrated, highly-digestible protein and fat source.

  • Digestive support - High quality chicken protein, wholesome Grains Oatmeal & Barley and Prebiotics (MOS & FOS) promote optimal digestion.

  • Skin & Coat - Flaxseed, Herring oil, Chelated Minerals (copper, iron, and zinc) support healthy skin condition and a glossy soft coat.

  • Joint & Bone Support- Glucosamine Hydrochloride & Chondroitin sulphate provide nutritional support to joints and omega-3 anti-inflammatory properties.

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