Motorola No-Bark Collar - ScoutBark 100



Motorola No-Bark Collar - ScoutBark 100 - offers a unique electronic training approach to problem barking by offering 5 seconds of free natural barking before emitting a warning tone only. After which you can choose between 9 static correction levels from very gentle to firm to match your dog's temperament and personality. Should your dog remain quiet for 2 full minutes, they are again offered 5 seconds of free barking to express themselves, making the Motorola No-Bark collar a fair and consistent approach to limiting excessive barking.

  • Automatically activated only by the dog wearing the collar unit..

  • Vibration helps reinforce ultrasonic corrections

  • Intelligent design: Allows natural barking for 5 seconds; Static correction avoided by honoring the warning tone; 9 levels of static correction - from gentle to firm.

  • Lightweight water resistant collar.

  • Low battery indicator.

  • Best fits pets over 15 lbs.

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