Oak Tanned Leather Dog Collars



Oak Tanned Leather Dog Collars - made of top quality, oak tanned, full grain leather. The oak tanning process uses tree bark to form a tanning liquor that produces a durable, textured leather character. The hides are then aniline dyed for luxurious color. Available from a 10" neck size to 24" and in four colors.

  • Oak tanned, full grain leather

  • The 10" and 12" neck sizes feature a 3/8" collar width

  • The 14" and 16" neck sizes feature a 1/2"" collar width

  • The 18" and 20" neck size feature a 3/4" collar width

  • The 22" and 24" neck size features a 1" collar width

  • Available in four colors - Red, Black, Tan or Mahogany

  • Chrome buckle

  • Durable and textured leather character

Fitting: Neck sizes (10" - 24") are the maximum sizing. Generally, these collars can be adjusted down by about 1 inch (ie. from 10" down to 9" but not up to 11").

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