Off Limits!



Off Limits! - Natural pet repellent. A special combination of natural herbs creates an invisible shield to keep pets away from treated areas. Off Limits! is non-staining and easy to use. Safe for use on plants and grass. Made by NaturVet.  Recommended For:

• Trash Cans

• Gardens

• Block Walls

• Swing Sets

• Sand Boxes

• Shrubs

• Patio


Active Ingredients:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (0.6%), Clove Extract (0.4%), Garlic Extract (0.4%), and Thyme Oil (0.2%).


Inert Ingredients:

Glycerine, Lime and Purified Water. (Total Inerts 98.4%).



Spray Off Limits! directly on any area from which you desire to keep animals away. With ideal weather conditions, each application should last up to three days. Repeat if area is exposed to water, rain, snow or heavy dew.


Available Sizes:

32 oz. Spray

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