PawZ Natural Rubber Dog Boots



PawZ Natural Rubber Dog Boots - the world’s only disposable and reusable, waterproof dog boot. Made of natural rubber, Pawz are 100% biodegradable. Pawz are designed to go on easily and fit securely without zippers or straps.

Fashionable yet durable, Pawz offers serious paw protection. Pawz is the most natural-feeling boot your dog can wear because without padding your dog feels the ground, providing a needed sense of security. Like a sock, Pawz moves with your dog, allowing full paw motion and maximum comfort. And imagine never losing another expensive dog boot again! Pawz come 12 in a package and each boot may be worn many times.


dog boots

natural rubber, waterproof

  • Disposable, reusable & waterproof

  • 100% biodegradable

  • 12 per box

  • Easy on and off

  • Fit securely without zippers or straps

  • Allows full pay motion and maximum comfort

  • Use for snow, ice, salt, hot pavement, post surgical protection, chemical protection, allergies, etc.


Length of Paw - in inches


Boot Color


Up to 1"

Maltese, Pomeranian, Toy Fox Terrier, Teacup Poodle, Teacup Yorkie



to 1-1/2"

Affenpinscher, Brussels Griffon, Chihuahua, Italian Greyhound, Papillon, Silky Terrier, Yorkie



to 2"

Dachshund, Havanese, Mini Pinscher, Pekingese, Poodle, Pug, Shih Tzu



to 2 1/2"

Beagle, Boston Terrier, Fox Terrier, French Bulldog, Jack Russell, Shetland Sheepdog, Shiba Inu



to 3"

American Eskimo, Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Dalmation, Lhasa Apso, Tibetan Terrier, Wire Fox Terrier, Vizsla



to 4"

Akita, Airdale, Bulldog, Chow Chow, Doberman, English Setter, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Phodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Siberian Husky



to 5"

Bernese Mountain Dog, Bullmastiff, Giant Schnauzer, Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog, St. Bernard

Hunter Green


Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes PAWZ so Special?

PAWZ boots are disposable and reusable. The package comes with 12 boots. When one wears out, you simply toss it.

Will my dog accept them?
Your dog WILL WEAR PAWZ boots. Whether it’s because there are no zippers or straps, or because there is no padding, dogs accept wearing PAWZ dog boots even when they won’t wear other brands. Feeling the ground through the boot is what gives your dog that needed sense of security.

Will PAWZ stay on?
PAWZ boots stay on.

Are PAWZ waterproof or just water-resistant?
PAWZ are waterproof. No other boot protects against liquid chloride and other liquid hazards.

Will my dog be comfortable?
Like a sock, PAWZ moves with your dog, allowing for full paw motion and maximum comfort. Without padding or sole, PAWZ allows your dog to feel the ground, providing the needed sense of security not possible with a typical dog boot. This is the main reason why dogs that won’t wear dog boots WILL WEAR PAWZ.

What does PAWZ protect against?
Ice, Lawn Chemicals, Salt, Liquid Chloride, Snow, Fire Ants, Pool Liner Tears, Mud, Clay, Pad Rashes, Post-Surgical Infection, Post-Grooming Dirt, Hot Pavement, and solves traction control problems.

Are PAWZ about fashion or function?
While they are very fashionable, PAWZ was designed to be functional. Form follows function to create serious paw protection for your dog. These are protective boots not a fashion accessory. Made of natural rubber, PAWZ boots are biodegradable. And being environmentally green is always fashionable.

Are there any safety tips?

  1. Pawz Dog Boots are waterproof. Since water can’t get in, it also can’t out. Since your dog sweats through the paw you will often find the paw moist after removing the boot. For this reason, do not leave the boots on for an extended period of time. Please remove when your dog is resting and or is unsupervised.

  2. If Pawz are being used with a medical bandage, please be sure to purchase a larger size then usual to accommodate the increased diameter of the leg and surgical bandage.

  3. Please be extra diligent if you your dog has an existing infection and or circulation problems as extended use can exacerbate these conditions.

If you have any question regarding the welfare of your pet, please seek the advice of your veterinarian immediately

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