Pro-Training Collar



Pro-Training Collar - is the collar of choice for dog owners who want an effective way to communicate with their dog. Developed by the Triple Crown Dog Academy, a world leader in pet education, the Pro-Training Collar allows you to guide your dog through the training process in a safe, and enjoyable manner.

Made of high strength polymer, this collar is an effective but gentle alternative to metal prong collars. The fully adjustable link design fits together, producing a watchband pattern that any dog would be proud to wear. It is ideal for:

  • Preventing leash-pulling;

  • Ending jumping-up and nuisance behaviors;

  • Teaching basic to advanced obedience exercises.

Fitting - available in two sizes, a 15" neck size and a 21" neck size. Additional links (sold separately) may be added as your dog grows. The collar should be snug, but not tight, around your dog's neck. Add or remove links as needed to ensure a proper fit. To put the collar on your dog or to remove it, unsnap one of the links. Do not attempt to slip the collar over your dog's head as this may cause an eye injury.

Small Pro-Training Collar 15" Adjustable
Large Pro-Training Collar 21" Adjustable

Additional Links Available - Sets of 3 for Small or Large Collar

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