PupBoost Lift Harness



PupBoost Lift Harness - is a lifting aid that gives your dog a helping hand. The Up and Out Lift Harness was designed for injured and elderly dogs that have difficulty jumping into the car. Simply attach the harness around your dog's torso, secure the Velcro strap, and use the "Up" command while helping your pup into the vehicle. The Up and Out Lift Harness makes lifting easier, while preventing strain on your dog's legs and hips.

  • Durable stitched straps feature broad lift handle for secure grip.

  • Wide Velcro closure secures dog.

  • Padded, heavy-duty oxford material is soft and durable for pet.

  • Helps dogs into the car or higher places.

  • Length: 32 inches

  • Width: 12 inches

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