Puppy Starter Kit



Puppy Starter Kit - designed for young puppies, each bone in this package is for specific stages of a puppy's teething.

Stage 1 (from 2 months) - Puppy Bone - The Flexible Puppybone is recommended by Nylabone for the youngest puppies. The chew is more pliable than a "Durable" bone (Stage 3) and is specifically designed to assist in the growth and development of teeth and jaws. This bone should not be used by strong puppy chewers or by dogs with any of their adult teeth. Non-toxic.

Stage 2 (from 3 months) - Healthy Edibles Bacon Flavored Bone - An edible dog treat recommended by Nylabone for older puppies. These healthy, edible treats provide a safe and healthy alternative to rawhide and processed animal parts. Contains no plastic, no added salt and no added sugar. Natural white calcium may appear on the bone surface and does not affect product quality.

Stage 3 (from 4 months) - Chicken Flavored Durable Chew - is recommended by Nylabone for growing puppies whose jaws are getting stronger. Longer lasting than the Flexible Puppybone, this bone is designed for powerful chewers. Non-toxic.

Flexible Puppybone - Inert soft thermoplastic polymer, natural flavor

Edible Bacon Bone - Sterilized rawhide, casein, natural bacon flavor, natural flavor

Durable Chicken Bone - Nylon, natural flavor

Edible Bacon Bone - Min. crude protein: 60%, Min. crude fat: 1%, Max. crude fiber: 2%, Max. moisture: 15%

Size & Dimensions:

All three bones - 4.5" Length

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