Small Wonder Litter Box

Leis Pet


Small Wonder Litter Box - is perfect for small animals or kittens getting started. It is made of 100% biodegradable recycled paper and can be completely disposable.

  • It is the perfect size for kittens when they are first learning to use the litter box.
  • The low profile of the Small Wonder makes it easy for kittens and other small animals to step in and out.
  • It works well as a litter box or bed for animals like bunnies and guinea pigs.
  • It’s great as a nesting box for birds. The paper fiber helps to retain heat so young birds stay warm.
  • It’s a great feeding box. The unique paper fibers won’t allow fluids to pass through.
  • Reptiles love to use the Small Wonder as a wading pool.
  • It’s the only disposable litter box designed to fit in most carriers and cages, so animals don’t have to wait to use the litter box when traveling!
  • Clean-up is so easy!

It may be small but it’s still a Wonder!

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