Spiked Leather Dog Collars



Spiked Leather Dog Collars - featuring a single or double row of metal spikes on black oak tanned, full grain leather. Neck sizes from 8" to 22" in the single row and from 20" to 30" in the double row. The oak tanning process uses tree bark to form a tanning liquor that produces a durable, textured leather character. The hides are then aniline dyed for luxurious color.

  • Single row of chrome metal spikes sizes 8" to 22"

  • Widths appropriate to the length

  • Double row of chrome metal spikes sizes 20" to 30"

  • Black, oak tanned, full grain leather

  • Matching chrome buckle

  • Durable and textured leather character

Double Row Spiked Collar - from 20" to 30" neck size x 1.5" wide

Fitting: Neck sizes are the maximum sizing. Generally, these collars can be adjusted down by about 1 inch (ie. from 16" down to 15" but not up to 17").

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