SSSCat Spray Deterrent Training System



SSSCat Spray Deterrent Training System - much feline behaviour can influence, in a negative manner, your relationship with your cat or even the cat's health! For example, many cats utilize plants as litter boxes, jump onto counters, tables or stoves, scratch specific areas, chase small animals, or enter off-limit rooms. PetSafe's patented SSSCat Spray Deterrent Training System is a positive method to controlling your cat's territory and behavioural problems.

Uses - Keeps Your Cat:

  • From scratching furniture

  • From jumping on counters, tables, etc.

  • From jumping on the stove

  • From chewing plants, electrical wire, etc.

  • From attacking other pets (ex: fish and birds), etc.

  • From entering a room (ex: baby's room), etc.

  • From stealing food when you are away

How it Works:

When the movement of a cat is detected by the SSS-Cat motion detector, a harmless spray is automatically released. The cat is surprised and runs away. Once this is repeated a few times, it will be enough to keep the cat away from unwanted areas.

Features & Benefits

  • It's fast, effective and painless

  • Repels cats for up to one meter

  • Scentless, harmless, stainless

  • Refill can holds over 500 sprays

  • Adjustable angles between detection
    of motion and direction of spray

  • Adjustable nozzle position for upward
    and downward direction of spray

SSS-Cat Refills:

The SSS-Cat refill contains a gas (R134A) that is 100% safe for people, animals and the environment. It has no active chemical agent, only an innocuous propellant. This scentless spray is stainless, ozone friendly and has no side effects. One refill can holds up to 500 sprays.


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