Step In Dog Harness

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Step In Dog Harness- the easiest style of harness to get your dog into. With the harness open, simply place each of the front two legs into the two holes and do it up at the dog's back with one buckle. Easy on - fuss and squirm proof!

Made of durable nylon with plastic buckles and metal D-rings. Features a metal strap holder at each side to ensure the harness always stays in the right position. Four sizes available that are adjustable.



Available in red, blue, black or dark green.


Sizes (measure your dog's girth from it's widest point):

X-Small - 3/8th" nylon webbing - fits 10" to 16" chest

Small - 5/8th" nylon webbing - fits 12" to 20" chest

Medium - 3/4" nylon webbing - fits 20" to 30" chest

Large - 1" nylon webbing - fits 30" to 40" chest

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