Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

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Ultimate Cat Scratching Post - is extremely well made and far more attractive than typical cat scratching posts. Winner of the Cat Fancy Editor's Choice Award consider these features:

  • Sturdy wood post will last for years.

  • Natural sisal rope wrap conditions nails and encourages scratching.

  • 32" inch height allows cats to fully stretch.

  • Sturdy 16" base eliminates wobbling and tipping.

  • The wood base and top are attractively finished to fit with your decor.

  • Dimensions: 32" High x 16" Base x 5" Post Width

Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

sisal cat scratcher canada

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Also Available (sold separately):  Ultimate Cat Perch Post - wooden platform and pad that attaches to the top of the Ultimate Scratching Post.

Cat Perch

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