Walk Up Barns

JW Pet


Walk Up Barns for Small Animals - have a variety of fun uses for your small animal pet. The Walk Up Barn is fun to climb on and once on top, your small animal has a great view. It has an opening to allow your pet to go inside to take a nap or just relax. Available in a variety of assorted fun, translucent colors that make it easy for you to see your pet if inside. Made in the USA from recyclable plastic. Easy to wash and the plastic is stain and odor resistant. Use with gerbils, dwarf hamsters, mice, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, rabbits, and similarly sized pets!
  • small - 5" length x 3.75" width x 3" height 

  • medium - 8" length x 5.75" width x 4" height 

  • large - 13.5" length x 9.75" width x 7" height 

  • jumbo - 19" length x 11.5" width x 9.75" height

Colors: - vary


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