Waste Manager Wee-Wee Post

Four Paws


Waste Manager Wee-Wee Post - trains dogs to eliminate in designated outdoor area. Helps keep lawns clean and green. Durable plastic stake for easy in-ground insertion. Top portion, molded to look like a natural stone, holds Wee-Wee Attractant. Includes 1 ounce trial size of Wee-Wee Attractant. 


  • Trains your dog to eliminate in a designated area

  • Helps keep lawns clean and green

  • Makes yard clean up easier

  • Top is molded to look like a stone

  • Includes 1 trial ounce size of Wee-Wee Attractant

Wee-Wee Attractant:

Scientifically formulated dog attractant. Used in the top portion of the post to attract the dog. Includes 1 ounce trial size. Larger sizes available under the drop down menu.

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