Why Choose Petacular’s Professional Grooming Salon?

There are many good pet grooming salons in London, Ontario, but only one Petacular Grooming Salon! This is what sets Petacular apart:


  • One-On-One Personalized Care:
    • Unlike other salons, Petacular is always a one-on-one experience for your pet.
    • No strange pets’ will be booked for an appointment at the same time as yours and we never overlap appointments times.
    • Only one groomer will be taking care of your pet. This makes the experience a more relaxing and less stressful experience for your special pet.
    • We understand that every pet has different personalities and traits. We cater every appointment to your pets’ needs!
  • We love the Earth!
    • We take pride in using products that are safe for the environment. All our shampoos (excluding the flea bath) are 100% environmentally friendly.  We love the earth and we love your pets’ so why not take care of both?
  • Your pet equals your choices!
    • We work with YOU to get your pets’ hairstyle to look as close to what you want as possible, while staying in the confines of what your pets’ hair can achieve.
    • Upgrade your pets’ bath to one of our specialized shampoos or treatments
    • If you want your pet to have a Mohawk we can make it happen!
  • 100% certified groomers!
    • All our Petacular groomers have graduated and achieved certificates/diplomas from hands-on grooming schools
    • All new employees receive training with our staff to ensure their technique is on par with our requirements.
Petacular Grooming Salon -Services and Prices**


A Bath and/or Brush Appointment Includes:

  • Fur assessment by a trained professional
  • Massage and a Bath with Earthbath shampoo
    • or waterless bath
    • or no bath at all (does not change the price)
  • Blow dry or cage dry
  • Conditioning Earthbath cologne
    • Or no cologne
  • Brush out (See De-shedding Add Ons for more options)
  • Nail clip
  • Ear cleaning
  • For additional services please see BATH UPGRADES and GROOMING SERVICE ADD ONS

A Full Groom Appointment Includes:

  • Fur, skin and body assessment by a trained professional
  • Massage and a Bath with regular Earthbath shampoo
    • or waterless bath
    • or no bath at all (does not change the price)
  • Blow dry or cage dry
  • Trim, clip, shave
  • Brush and style
  • Nail clip
  • Ear cleaning
  • For additional services please see BATH UPGRADES and GROOMING SERVICE ADD ONS
Grooming Appointment Price** List
Pet Type and Size Bath and/or Brush Full Groom
Rabbit* $40 N/A
Cat $40-50 $65-$75
Toy, X-Small and Small (under 20lbs) $35-40 $40-$50
Medium (under 40lbs) $40 $50-60
Medium-large (under 60lbs) $40-50 $60-80
Large (under 80lbs) $50-70+ $80+
X-Large and Giant (over 80 pounds) $70+ $120+


Bath Upgrades
Problem Ask us to Add: Price
BUGS!!! Flea/Tick Bath or See Flea Fee $15
Oily or greasy skin/fur

Foreign substance in fur

Degreasing Bath – one or two applications depending on severity $10-20

Sensitive skin

Hypo-Allergenic Bath and No cologne $7
Itchy and/or flaky skin

Mildly irritated skin

Medicated Bath and Hot Spot/Itch Relief Spray $10
Mild Shedding

Shedding prevention

De-Shedding BATH ONLY

–        See De-Shedding add on if needed


Or “My pet stinks”

De-Skunk Bath – one or two applications depending on severity $10-20
Dull or stained Coat Whitening/ Brightening Bath $7


ADD ONS (See Walk Ins for walk in pricing)
Anal Gland Expressing $10
De-shedding bath with extra brushing $15-$30
Nose Balm: Sooths and protects dry noses $7
Paw Treatment:  Soothing paw massage for dry/cracked paw pads and temporary protection from cold, salt and hot pavement $7
Specialty Styling: Mohawk, Full body Mohawk, Artistic Stencilling $7-20
Teeth Brushing and fresh breath spray $10


Mandatory Grooming Service Fees  
FLEA FEE Fleas are present on the pet $15
MATTED DOG FEE Pet is extremely matted/tangled $15
LATE PICK UP FEE $20 for the first hour plus an additional $10 per 30 mins


WALK-IN SERVICE – Only available when a staff member trained in the service is on duty and available.
Anal Gland Expressing $15
Bird* Nails and/or Wing clip $10
Ear Cleaning $10
Ear Cleaning with plucking $15
Face Clip $10+
Nail Clip $10

Sunday 12-5pm

Paw Trim/Paw Pad Shave Out $15+
Rabbit* Anal Gland Cleaning $10+
Rabbit* Sanitary Clean up $15+
Sanitary Clip $15
Matted Spot Shave $7+
Teeth Brushing with fresh breath spray $10

*Only available when an employee trained in these procedures is present.  Due to the sensitive nature of rabbits, we will never shave or bath a rabbit.  We can clean sanitary areas and trim out/ thin out matted hair, only when it is safe to do so.  Please call before walking in, so we can ensure a safe and stress free environment for your pet. Please ensure your rabbit/bird is in perfect health and can handle the trip to the salon stress free.  If the animal shows any signs of distress we will stop the procedure and discontinue the groom.

**Until your pet is fully assessed in person by our groomer, all prices listed (including verbal prices) are estimates only.  See the section on FEES for special situations that may cause an increase in price.  Most booked appointments are for services that take a minimum of one hour.  See the WALK IN price list for services that do not need an appointment or call the store and speak to our groomer.

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