Why Choose Petacular’s Professional Grooming Salon?

There are many good pet grooming salons in London, Ontario, but only one Petacular Grooming Salon! This is what sets Petacular apart:
  • One-On-One Personalized Care:
    • Unlike other salons, Petacular is always a one-on-one experience for your pet.
    • No strange pets’ will be booked for an appointment at the same time as yours and we never overlap appointments times.
    • Only one groomer will be taking care of your pet. This makes the experience a more relaxing and less stressful experience for your special pet.
    • We understand that every pet has different personalities and traits. We cater every appointment to your pets’ needs!
  • We love the Earth!
    • We take pride in using products that are safe for the environment. All our shampoos (excluding the flea bath) are 100% environmentally friendly.  We love the earth and we love your pets’ so why not take care of both?
  • Your pet equals your choices!
    • We work with YOU to get your pets’ hairstyle to look as close to what you want as possible, while staying in the confines of what your pets’ hair can achieve.
    • Upgrade your pets’ bath to one of our specialized shampoos or treatments
    • If you want your pet to have a Mohawk we can make it happen!
  • 100% certified groomers!
    • All our Petacular groomers have graduated and achieved certificates/diplomas from hands-on grooming schools
    • All new employees receive training with our staff to ensure their technique is on par with our requirements.

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